Saturday, April 27, 2013

Work Detail Update 4-26-13

The Centre County Probation Office supplied 11 workers along with several voluntary supervisor to perform the following work. Trash collection from Snow Shoe Ambulance Building to the yellow light in Moshannon, out rt 144 to the crossroads and back down Askey's Cemetery Road to Gillentown Trailhead. Then Up Bumbarger road and down by Ron Fyes to the Tarman Crossing. We gathered about 1 1/2 pickup loads of trash.
We also painted 4 gates and cleaned of  concrete slabs by each gate. Stained the railroad ties at the entrance to Gillentown Trailhead and placed a 2nd coat of stain on the wooden fence by the restrooms. The crews also applied dust control on the trail at Gillentown Trailhead and from Number 10 bridge to Clarence.
Then after all that work, set up the tables at the Moshannon Community Center. Alot of work was performed by a good bunch of people.
Then we got a picture of Henry Sorgen & his wife driving into the Gillentown Trailhead to park for the night. There were several other motor homes and trailers already parked for the weekend. 

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