Monday, May 13, 2013

DCNR Youth Training Update

On Saturday, May 11, 2013 Best Line Powersports/SSRTA held DCNR Youth Certification Training at Best Line Powersports- Centre Hall location. Fourteen students attended the training.
Trainers were George Holt, Eric Brooks, Dave Walker, Marty Wagner & Ty Hostetter. Ed Kitchen , Forest Ranger from Rothrock State Forest also helped with the training and made a presentation. At the end of the class session, Ed invited everyone outside to look at an atv. This was not just any atv, it was an atv that a 16 year old boy lost his life.
The wrecked atv was from Perry County, Tuscarora State Forest. The accident was investigated by Ranger Steve Shaffer. He advised Ed Kitchen that the parents of the youth killed wanted to utilize the atv to help prevent future accidents and deaths.
Parents and students paid close attention to Ed speaking about the incident and how to prevent such things from reoccuring. Hopefully, this class and the atv will have an every lasting impression on those attending the training prevent future accidents.
The rain did not stop the children from having their training and enjoying a great time as well. They seem to all love the mud and enjoyed a lunch provided by Bestline and Snow Shoe Rails to Trails.
At the end of the training all students were presented a temporary certificate to operate an atv and also a SSRT T-Shirt presented by Trilby Mayes (SSRTA President)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Work Detail Update 5-4-13

The Center County Probation Office provided a group of people to help with community service. Ken Mehallow led a crew to collect waste from the Avondale to about 1/2 mile past the Black Bear Bridge. Then from the town Casanova to the Black Bear Trailhead. Jack Miller led a crew collecting trash on the trail and installed several signs from Black Bear Trailhead to viaduct bridge. George Holt led a crew installing sign post, plywood and corporate signs at Black Bear Trailhead. Trilby Mayes led a crew collecting waste as well as reposting the entire Informational Board at Black Bear Trailhead. Then, Trilby also supervised the crew to finish painting the gate and several pieces of fence railing at Gillentown Trailhead recently installed by Brooks Welding.

View photos from the event, click here.