Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Work Detail Update 04-13-2013

A lot of members showed up to volunteer for the work detail on 4-13-13. Carole & Charles Jensen & Carl Schmitt led a crew to continue the brushing along the trail where Andy Basalla and Ed Thomas crew left off on March 30. The crew brushed both sides of the trail to the Rock Run Bridge. Jack Miller led a crew to finish cleaning out the trench drains on Number 10 Bridge and brushed the trail on all sides of the bridge. Brandon Brooks operated the backhoe cleaning ditchs near Gillentown Trailhead and along Number 10. Eric Brooks, George Holt led crews painting fence at Gillentown Trailhead. Jake Homan helped with some signage.  Ken Mehallow, Terry & Eileen Long and Trilby Mayes led crews collecting trash from Tennessee Turnpike to Kato Bridge. Tom & Kathy Robbins also helped with this assignment. Signs were installed on both sides of the Kato Road to help direct users of the correct trail use. Green Fluorescent paint was sprayed under each sign to also help with location or direction of trail. Warren & Joyce Frank helped to sand and paint the fence post at the end of the Gillentown Trailhead. Hoagies & beverages were provided for all workers from Jack's Snack Shack. 

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