Monday, April 14, 2014

Work Detail Update & Photos April 12, 2014

It was a beautiful morning in Snow Shoe and the Gillentown Trailhead was filling up quickly. This is the first day of fishing season and a lot of atvist were heading up the trail to Black Moshannon and Rock Run streams. The rest of us were on a scheduled work detail by Eric Brooks. Everyone got together at the storage shed to discuss projects not completed from the first work detail. The Centre County Probation Office also provided a group of people to assist with the community service too. All would return to the Gillentown Trailhead and eat lunch around noon.
George Holt & Trilby Mayes headed up crews to collect trash on the Tennessee Turnpike to the Kato Bridge. Mark Watson, Jack Miller, Bob Harris led a crew to reinstall the Clarence stop sign that was leaning from the winter months, and clean off Number 10 bridge and trim the brush adjacent to the bridge. Eric Brooks, Larry Mayes, Jack Miller and Bob Harris led crews collecting trash, cutting dead trees, cleaning entrance to Gillentown Trailhead and surrounding areas. Henry Sorgen, John Butts, Jason Billett, Christine McCoy and Kent Little trimmed overhanging trees on the trail near Pine Hollow, collected trash and installed missing DCNR atv signs on Gorton Road. Henry & Jason also layed over a large dead pine tree that was adjacent to the storage shed to prevent it from falling on the shed.
Five Pickup loads of trash was collected from the trail and Snow Shoe Township Roads.
We want to thank all those that volunteered your Saturday to help keep our trail, Snow Shoe Township and state roads clean and also to help with the other work to maintain the trail so it can be safe for all users.   

View photos from this event, click here.

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