Monday, April 28, 2014

Spaghetti Dinner Update & Photos

First Annual Williamsport Honda/SSRT Spaghetti Dinner-CMATVA Dice Run
The weather looked a little cloudy in Snow Shoe Saturday morning for the event. However, the clouds cleared out and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. The Gillentown Trailhead started to fill up early for the start of the First Annual Williamsport Honda/CMATVA Dice Run. Registration took place at the Trailhead and the first stop was Newman's Sandwich Shop. Then off  to the previous Johnson & Morgan Camp, Peale Crossing and lastly the Moshannon Community Center for the Meal.
Snow Shoe Rails to Trails volunteers started accepting applications at the Community Center around 8am and the cooks were busy getting the Spaghetti Dinner Prepared. SSRT purchased a beautiful cake from Hall's Market to support the event.
Around 11:30 the atvs/utvs started filling up the rear yard of the community center and overflow came to the front. A continues flow of people through 2:30. Then, the cooks said we are out of food. That is the way we like to have an event, nothing wasted and everyone went away with full stomachs. We appreciated the nice comments on how good the spaghetti sauce was and how good of a flavor was in the chili. (A big thank you to the cooks & Jim Verost for the chili)
The event was so successful that Williamsport Honda advised Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and CMATVA that they will be supporting the event next year too. So, we want to thank them for their support and would like all of you to stop by their facility in Williamsport and check out what they have to offer. We will be meeting over the next months and compiling suggestions on how to make this event even larger & better. Any suggestions, please let us know. 

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