Thursday, June 5, 2014

Potato City/Marienville Ride Update

A week of atving.
A group of SSRTA members went to Potato City in Coudersport for a few days and stayed at the Mill Stream Inn. A great place to stay if you go anywhere near Coudersport. They ate breakfast at Fezzs Restaurant and had great meals for a reasonable price. The group stopped off for a few days at the Forest Lodge Motel outside Marienville. A great place to stay that has direct access to the Marienville Trail (when it is open). Kelly's Motel is a great place to eat breakfast and Betinna's is a great place to eat fish on Friday night. The group rode the Timberline Trail, and then rode to Russell City Store for a snack. By Saturday, the group returned to ride the SSRT in Snow Shoe. A great week of riding with a great bunch of friends and a chance to meet some new atvist friends as well. What a great week of atving!!!!!

The members also got a chance to discuss the conditions of the Timberline & Marienville Trails with the Recreation Director - Joe Langianese and his maintenance supervisor. We appreciated the informational discussion. Great bunch of guys.

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